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Oh What Was: Stirrup Pants

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We all know that fashion is cyclical and that most trends — even ones we’d thought had gasped their last breath — tend to return in one form or another.


While the thought of wearing stirrup pants may make you cringe, it’s time to give them a second chance. Today’s versions are sleeker and decidedly chicer. They play well with the massive athleisure trend as a sort of leggings version 2.0. But they’re also turning up in office-friendly styles that take inspiration from trousers. And unlike the 80s when stirrups were strictly worn inside shoes, fashion girls are opting to wear the straps on the outside as well.


Nifty Fifties

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The 1950s was fundamentally a time of conformity. You won’t find anything wild or risqué at this time period. Think of it as good, clean, wholesome stuff. The mini skirts and wild fashions don’t arrive until the 1960s.

A female function was to entertain or attend social gatherings – all to promote and further their spouse’s career. Cocktail dresses – short versions of ball gowns – were essential. A woman was expected to wear a hat outside of the house (except for the most formal evening occasions) and gloves at all times – short for day, long for evening. Men tended almost to universally wear suits. The practice of dressing young people like their elders was still common, with the ‘mother/daughter’ look particularly in vogue.

1950s fashion was regulated by three C’s – code, conformity and consumerism. Women’s focus was on rearing children and keeping house as they had largely left the war years’ workplace. Both men’s and women’s activities centered around family and home and clothing changed as a result. Emphasis was on practical but attractive housedresses, not only for household chores but suitable for quick errands or the school run. Women dressed for ‘wifely’ roles! 

Wardrobe rebuilding

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So you have made the decision to hop off the fast fashion train. You want to stop wasting your money on bargains and impulse buys and reserve your closet for high-quality garments that perfectly fit your style from now on. Great! But, what if your wardrobe needs a major overhaul and you can’t afford to buy all the clothes you need at once, especially if you want to avoid low-quality brands?


Oh What Was: Scrunchies

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Think you can pull off a scrunchie today ? (Click below)  

10 Scrunchie Styles That Won't Make You Feel Stuck in the 90's

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 1.20.08 AM.png

For her post-performance ensemble, Lizzo chose an '80s-tastic purple dress complete with massive, off-the-shoulder puff sleeves, a pleated circle skirt, and a wide V-neck. She basically looked like high school Josie from Never Been Kissed but fashion. What's an '80s-inspired ensemble without a scrunchie?

Fridays We Dance

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Sweetly elegant mini wrap dress, SOLD 30$


Obviously, anyone with a credit card can look fashionable. Very few people though—credit cards or not—can be considered women of genuine style. Take someone like Kim Kardashian. The reality star has gone from no style to constantly stepping out in high-fashion outfits that even top editors are itching to copy. She looks good, sure, but there’s something about her transformation that screams “I understand fashion now, everyone!” as opposed to an organic shift in how she—and she alone—wants to present herself to the world.

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Oh What Was : The Walkman

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The iPod and MP3 players without a doubt took over for the records, walkman and CD player lovers of the world. No more looking through cassette tapes, or rewinding them back with your finger or pencil to the beginning of whatever song you were obsessed with at the time. However, you can't deny the amazingness and some what nostalgic essence of holding an actual mix tape.  Yeah, I miss those days. Tears aside for more information on the Walkman click here :}


Advantage : Pocket size tape players are portable and can be carried out to any place since they can operate on batteries.

Disadvantage : The cassettes get damaged after some time due to regular usage. 


YES, You Can Still Purchase Your Very Own Cassette Player

C L I C K * H E R E


Do you remember the first cassette tape you ever owned ?