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Looks Familiar ( The 80's Power suit )

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Yes, it’s the kind of look that inspires immediate joking and reference-making, but it’s also one of the most chic looks she’s ever sported. Gaga long ago established her high-fashion bona fides and has spent a significant portion of the last decade wearing highly editorial and theatrical looks from a range of designers that spans up-and-comers as well as nearly century-old couture houses.

Giorgio Armani, 1984/85

Giorgio Armani, 1984/85

Thierry Mugler 1983

Thierry Mugler 1983

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Throw Back

Everyone Is Wearing '90s Snap Clip Barrettes Again

'90s hair is alive and well in 2018. On the Fall runways, the claw clip had a comeback at Alexander Wang, while the comb-headband was resurrected at Prabal Gurung. The latest throwback hair accessory starting to bubble up on Instagram, where all old trends boomerang, is the snap barrette (also called contour clip or snap clip). One look at the triangular hair pin will hit you with some major middle school nostalgia.

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Oh What Was: Stirrup Pants

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We all know that fashion is cyclical and that most trends — even ones we’d thought had gasped their last breath — tend to return in one form or another.


While the thought of wearing stirrup pants may make you cringe, it’s time to give them a second chance. Today’s versions are sleeker and decidedly chicer. They play well with the massive athleisure trend as a sort of leggings version 2.0. But they’re also turning up in office-friendly styles that take inspiration from trousers. And unlike the 80s when stirrups were strictly worn inside shoes, fashion girls are opting to wear the straps on the outside as well.