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Everyone Is Wearing '90s Snap Clip Barrettes Again

'90s hair is alive and well in 2018. On the Fall runways, the claw clip had a comeback at Alexander Wang, while the comb-headband was resurrected at Prabal Gurung. The latest throwback hair accessory starting to bubble up on Instagram, where all old trends boomerang, is the snap barrette (also called contour clip or snap clip). One look at the triangular hair pin will hit you with some major middle school nostalgia.

Oh What Was: Scrunchies

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Think you can pull off a scrunchie today ? (Click below)  

10 Scrunchie Styles That Won't Make You Feel Stuck in the 90's

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For her post-performance ensemble, Lizzo chose an '80s-tastic purple dress complete with massive, off-the-shoulder puff sleeves, a pleated circle skirt, and a wide V-neck. She basically looked like high school Josie from Never Been Kissed but fashion. What's an '80s-inspired ensemble without a scrunchie?

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Thrifty Contribution

  Thrifty Dreams came about ( finally, but we’ll get back to that) from my love of travel and finding funky, stylish stuff along the way, pleasuring my never ending passion for both fashion and history. To me, fashion and history go hand in hand. It’s not just a daily expression of self, but can be viewed as a reflection of the times. 


  Just seeing how fashion evolves and even repeats itself  has always been fascinating to me. Specifically, vintage publications can be intriguing depictions of life as it was during different era’s as well as different lifestyles, fashion and cultures. 


  I get an immense amount of joy finding preloved vintage finds, and continuing the life cycle of an otherwise forgotten piece of time. This site gives me a place to curate, chronicle and share my day to day findings and daily inspirations, while always recycling the love of carefully selected thrifty dreams because some things shouldn’t be forgotten.

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