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I'm a native New Yawker who is truly passionate about living a stylish resourceful lifestyle. I've been driven by the belief that style is eternal, personal and can be attained by all, regardless of your personal income, budget or social status. 

I have a unique background, which I can attribute to growing up in the ever-bustling and diverse street scenes of New York City. I've learned that to be stylish or possess your own sense of style is something that doesn't necessarily require a large salary or a big budget.


Go For the Hunt ! 

Like many, I absolutely love visiting vintage markets and shops. Where ever they may be in the world.  I’m continually transported to another time and it immediately trips my mind. As you view the trends throughout my blog, I hope to offer you the same experience, one that will excite you, give you a sense of nostalgia and maybe even inspire you.

We're All Connected by the Things We Love.

The idea of connecting thrifty shoppers with distinctive, classic, essential wardrobe items that otherwise would have been forgotten brings me much joy, while also continuing the life cycle of such purposeful pieces. Thrifty Dreams was created with the premise that we all can and should “own every moment”. After all, life is too short, I mean you gotta dance while the music is playing! Along the way I'd like to find my tribe and inspire fellow fashion loving, nostalgia hunters in the community of perpetual style.

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    While studying fashion design at the High School of Fashion Industries, and later working in the fashion industry. Those were the years I developed a deep appreciation for fashion as well as fashion history, design, and a strong admiration for the vintage aesthetic. Specifically, items that have lived and have shown throughout the years to transcend time and space. I still find myself referring back to the handouts I received in one of my many design classes during those years. 

I love sharing my love and knowledge of fashion whether old or new so I must warn you, be prepared for some random fashion handouts on the blog from my high school days.

There's no place like New York

There's no place like New York

New York, NY

New York, NY

Micheal Kors & I

Micheal Kors & I

NY Fashion Week

NY Fashion Week

" While also having the privilege of working alongside some of the most trusted professionals in the fashion industry"

One lesson I've learned first-hand is how fashion has its own delightful way of repeating itself. 


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